Book Review: F# for Technical Computing

    F# has become more prominent over the last few years and with it an insurgence of literature pertaining to the subject. For those of us who started using F# when it was a little known project out of MSR Cambridge their were few names that we quickly became familiar with – Jon Harrop being one of them. An F# book by Jon brings with it excitement and promise: his work is well known for being clear and concise, and the examples he uses to help the reader familiarise themselves with the application of F# are highly stimulating.   The title of the book may … Continue reading Book Review: F# for Technical Computing

F# CTP out

Seems like ages I have waited for this moment, and now it is finally here I find myself with no time to actually mess around with it that much. I have really enjoyed using F# on and off for the last 18+ months and the IDE has been by no means the best but it has done the job sufficiently. Looks like there will be no more need to manually reference external assemblies and the like now 😉 Hopefully I will wrestle some time to spend a few minutes with this. Download link for the F# CTP –