Astronomy Picture of the Day with Windows 7 x64

Michael Dunn developed an interesting Gadget for Browsing the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

However, using the original version published on CodeProject, I failed to install the gadget on Windows 7 x64. (Browsing the comment section, it seems I was not alone.)

Fortunately, source code is available in the download package. The gadget uses an helper COM object, written in C++ with good old VC6. I imported the C++ project in VS2008 and rebuilt for x64 (in fact, to my knowledge, it is impossible to do 64-bit builds using VC6). After repackaging the gadget with the 64-bit COM object, the APOD viewer correctly shows up in Windows 7 x64.

The x64 build is attached to this post.

2 Replies to “Astronomy Picture of the Day with Windows 7 x64”

  1. Not working under Win7 64bit SP1. When I run the regsvr32, I get modeule apodhelper.dll failed to load. That’s after copying the dll to the location specified in the readme using an admin account with UAC off. Aldso get an unspecified error when clicking on the gadget to install.

  2. That is odd…it works fine for me on Win7 64-bit.
    (I’m not sure what kind of changes SP1 may introduce that break apodhelper.dll loading…)

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