Web Resources on Windows Programming in C++

I’d like to point out some interesting links to resources on Windows programming in C++.

Learn to Program for Windows in C++” is a series published on MSDN, aimed at teaching how to write a Windows program in C++, assuming a good working knowledge of C++ programming, but no previous experience in Windows programming. Things like Windows typical terminology, window classes, window procedure, window messages, using COM,  Windows graphics architecture, handling user input, etc. are explained.

Specific resources about Windows 7 Taskbar programming can be found here.

Another interesting series on Windows C++ programming is Hilo. Several topics are discussed, ranging from Direct2D, to animation manager, to Windows Ribbon, Windows Imaging component, Windows 7 Web Services API, etc.

And, last but not least, Kenny Kerr (author of Window Clippings) is offering a series about C++ programming for Windows on his blog.

Relax. Enjoy. Learn.

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