STL Introductory Series on Channel 9

Stephan concluded his introductory series on the STL with an interesting chapter on template metaprogramming and type traits.

In addition to previous lessons, here is a complete list of this ten part series introducing the STL:

Part 1 is about sequence containers (like std::vector).

Part 2 is on associative containers (like std::map).

Part 3 discusses smart pointers (e.g. shared_ptr).

Parts 4 and 5 show a practical use of the aforementioned concepts applied to the development of a Nurikabe puzzle solver.

Part 6 and part 7 discuss STL algorithms.

Part 8 is about regular expressions.

In part 9 new C++0x core language features like r-value references and move semantics are discussed.

And finally part 10 is about template metaprogramming and type traits.

Thank you Stephan and Channel 9 for this quality introduction to the STL!


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