Interesting Email Course by John Sonmez: “A Blog That Boosts Your Career”

I’m a regular reader of John Sonmez’s blog: Simple Programmer: it’s rich of interesting posts and videos, with valuable insights.

So, when the opportunity arose to subscribe to a series of email lessons about “A blog that boost your career” written by John, I was happy to give it a try.

And, as expected, the emails sent contained high-quality lessons, written in a simple and enjoyable style, typical of John’s writing.

Each email has a good well-balanced amount of text: not too much, not too short. The email style is colloquial and informal, offering a relaxed easygoing reading experience.

Moreover, these email lessons are enriched with several examples, showing ideas and concepts into action.

I like John’s approach of offering a series of practical-oriented lessons: you can read each email and put into practice the suggestions contained there, step-by-step.

It’s also worth noting the fact that John shared some of his negative experiences, offering learning lessons, and saving the reader from wasting time making the same mistakes.

I was also struck by some of John’s notes, for example:

Some of my most successful posts of all time have been blog posts that I almost hit the delete button on because I thought they were utter trash.

In his lessons, John also tends to inspire self-confidence in students. For example, he wrote: “In high school I was in all the advanced classes for math, history, science, etc, but the one area where I was not only not in an advanced class, but I consistently got C’s in was English.”. Well, despite this “sad start”, John wrote his email lessons in a high-quality clear style, probably deserving a good A grade.

And, in addition to his good writing style, the series of suggestions, good pieces of advice and the practical-oriented approach will make subscribing to John’s email course a quality experience for you and a wise way to spend your time.

You can sign up to John’s email course starting from here.


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