My First MSDN Magazine Article: Using STL Strings at Win32 API Boundaries

My first article for MSDN Magazine is online! I’m excited about that. Crafting that article has been an interesting, fun and rewarding experience.

Using STL Strings at Win32 API Boundaries

I still recall when I was 20 years young, and used to visit a local newsstand looking forward to buy MSJ (Microsoft Systems Journal), later merged into MSDN Magazine, and delving into it.

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Stephan T. Lavavej for his thorough review, to David Cravey for his feedback, to my editor Sharon Terdeman for handling my article in a great way and for her excellent communication, and to Eric Battalio, Gordon Hogenson and MSDN Magazine editor-in-chief Michael Desmond for the initial contacts and for starting the process.

I hope you enjoy reading the article.