Reorg of My Blog’s Taxonomies

Initially, I used categories as the only taxonomy to group my blog posts together based on their content.

More recently, I discovered that, in addition to categories, WordPress offers also tags. Actually, I initially thought of categories just like tags, but after some research on the Internet, I figured out there’s a difference between these taxonomies.

So, it’s been quite a while I wanted to reorganize my blog taxonomies, following the advice I read in several places to reduce the number of categories, and adding tags for finer-grained and cross-category classifications.

I spent a fair amount of time thinking about this taxonomy reorg for my blog, and re-tagging all the existing posts, and finally I was able to reduce the number of categories from the initial 19 to just 6.

In particular, I “moved” several previous categories (like Bugs, PerformanceATL, STL, Unicode, Pluralsight, etc.) to tags. Two important categories now are C++, which groups topics related to the C++ language and standard library, and Windows C++ Programming, which is focused on the application of C++ to Windows development (for example, think of Win32 C++ programming, ATL, and so on).

I hope this reorg will increase the “information organization” quality of this blog!

Enjoy! 🙂

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