New Pluralsight Course on Getting Started with the C Language


My new Pluralsight course on Getting Started with the C Language is LIVE!

In this course you’ll learn in a practical way, with a combination of slides and demo code, the basic aspects of the C programming language and tools, so that you can start being productive with the C language.

Starting from this course page, you can freely play the course overview, and read a more detailed course description and the table of content.

Some of the major topics include: understanding the role of the C compiler, and compiling from both the command line and using an IDE; learning about common basic types and basic I/O; learning the syntax for decision making in C (e.g. the if-else and switch statements) and how to write loops (e.g. for, while and do-while); the basics of working with strings; learning how to write your own functions. Pointers will be introduced, as well.

I’ll also show some subtle C beginner’s bugs, I will analyze them and discuss how to fix them.

Inspecting the content of a C string.
Inspecting the content of a C string.
Discussing the memory layout of strings in C.
Discussing the memory layout of strings in C.
Analyzing a subtle bug.
Analyzing a subtle bug.
Introducing pointers in C.

These are some feedback notes from my reviewers:

The content is presented with great clarity and is organized effectively. Great module. [Peer Review]

I really like that your demos are very concise and tightly focused on the syntax and concepts you’re explaining. There’s nothing extra to cause confusion. Well done! [Peer Review]

Your code slides are well-designed and easy to read. [Peer Review]

I REALLY like that you explained the potential problem with […]. I wish more people would heed the advice you present here. [Peer Review]

Very clean module with clear explanations and demos. Great job! [Peer Review]

Happy learning!


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