Convenient Unicode UTF-8 UTF-16 Conversion Functions for Windows C++ Code

I published on GitHub a header-only library (Utf8Conv) that implements some convenient functions to convert text between UTF-8 and UTF-16 Unicode encodings.

I developed the library using Visual Studio 2019 with C++17 features enabled.

The library is very easy to use. Once you have included the library header Utf8Conv.hpp, you can simply invoke its functions like this:

#include "Utf8Conv.hpp" // Library header

// Note: Library functions live under the Utf8Conv namespace.


// Convert from UTF-8 to UTF-16
wstring utf16String = Utf8ToUtf16(utf8String);

// Convert from UTF-16 to UTF-8
string utf8String = Utf16ToUtf8(utf16String);

The input strings can be expressed via std::[w]string objects, and also using std::[w]string_views as well.

The returned strings are always instances of std::string for UTF-8-encoded text and std::wstring for UTF-16 text.



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