Setting up DotNetNuke Portal for User Group Site

Members of the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group are currently redoing our site in Dot Net Nuke.  Patrick Santry came and presented at our group last year, and we got a good overview of DNN and decided we wanted to implement it for our user group. (By the way, Patrick will be back again this year …)

I am really impressed with the level of quality and robustness in DNN so far.  We are currently running the user group site on the original IBuySpy portal, and it is great to see where DNN has taken it.  

There seems to be some great community behind DNN and I definitely would recommend it for anyone building a portal- especially a .NET user group 🙂  DotNetNuke 3.0.8 is the latest beta version and can be downloaded here.

If you’re not absolutely crazy about VB.NET, there are other alternatives out there (such as Rainbow).  I use primarily C# for most of my development, but I like VB.NET just fine.  Also- not real sure how the capabilities compare between the two.  One of the big differences is that Rainbow seems to have more of an “international“ feel to it. 

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