Media Center Presentation at NWNUG

Last night I presented Windows Media Center Edition 2005 at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group.   I demo’d many of the features of MCE- including Live TV, Recorded TV, Music, Pictures, and More Programs (including the MCE version of Solitaire!).  There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the product- I think I got the most questions I’ve ever had for a presentation! We talked about building an MCE PC for $400 or less.  Many of the attendees were already working on ways to justify an MCE purchase to their wives by the end of the meeting so I took that as a good sign (where’s my commission, Microsoft? <grin>) .

Truly, MCE is a great product.  There are many features and once you see it in action, it’s hard to resist.

In case you happened to miss the presentation, I will be presenting it again in Findlay on March 30.  I will be going into a little more depth on developing add-ins as well. (Time pending of course!)

I have also posted the presentation that I gave here. Be sure to check it out. The source code for the add-in demo isn’t quite in a polished format, so if you want that please email me privately.




2 thoughts on “Media Center Presentation at NWNUG

  1. I agree, as one of the audience members, I really enjoyed every part of the presentation. I of course highly recommend this presentation, especially if you want a good primer on getting into MCE. I don’t think I’ve ever been "on the edge of my seat" so much at a .NET user group meeting. In fact, the only thing wrong with this presentation is that it ends. There is obviously a lot more to cover than the time allows, so maybe future segments are in order? (wink wink)

    Now I have more "justifications" to shell out to my wife 🙂

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