NWNUG meeting tonight! .NET Pub Club

This month the Northwest Ohio .NET USer Group is going to “NetWork KNow, Use and Grow” at Mr. Beefy’s in Perrysburg, OH tonight at 5:30 pm.  There is an MSDN event that same day, and we are teaming up with Microsoft to host a .NET PUB Club in lieu of our regular meeting.  You will be able to network with other area professionals, meet other members of the user group, and ask any technology questions you may have.  We will also get some tidbits about upcoming presentations in May and June!  We will also be giving away some books and … Continue reading NWNUG meeting tonight! .NET Pub Club

Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup

If you are looking into exploring options on Windows Media Center, Beyond TV, Sage TV, and  Myth TV- take a look at this article. It is one of the most comprehensive I have seen on the subject and highly recommend a read. The article is a well-thought out, factual presentation of all the features from a consumer perspective (doesn’t dive too deep into development). A couple of quotes that I really like: “Comparing the HTPC with the VCR is like comparing a truck with a horse and wagon. It can do so much more for you.“ Favorite quote from conclusion: “When … Continue reading Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup