January / Feb .NET Stuff

The Dayton Cincinnati Code Camp turned out really awesome- I was glad to have travelled down. Got to present on Media Center 2005 along side with Jason Follas. Got to hang out with some great folks and discuss a few community ideas as well (more detail coming later- stay tuned). Jim Holmes did a really great job organizing the event, as did his team of helpers. The amount of work that Jim had to put forth to pull this off was just mind boggling. I think everyone would agree that the code camp was a success- check out his blog … Continue reading January / Feb .NET Stuff

Dayton / Cincinnati Code Camp

I’m here at the Dayton / Cincinnati code camp today. So far it rocks!  A lot of familiar faces, and plenty of new ones.  I belive there around around 130 people here- quit a showing especially for a Saturday.  Gearing up for a presentation on Windows Media Center Edition 2005.  It’s been a lot of fun preparing for this.  Thursday of this past week my lovely weather web service decided to break- and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.  I found mention on other sites about issues with .NET and the NOAA web service, but nothing … Continue reading Dayton / Cincinnati Code Camp

Xbox 360 MCE Tips

When registering an application for use with an MCE Extender and using the %windir%\ehome\RegisterMCEApp.exe, make sure you use the /allusers switch. If you do not use this switch, it will only work for highly priveleged accounts.  The MCE Extender runs in the context of a less secure account, and thus will not see the add-in if you do not register with /allusers.  For more information about what you can and cannot do with an MCE Extender, see the following MSDN article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/MedctrSDK/htm/handlingthelimitedaccessrightsofamediacenterextend.asp Also, thanks goes out to Michael Creasy (MSFT) for his help. A quick summary: the MCE rights are limited … Continue reading Xbox 360 MCE Tips

Xbox 360, ASP.NET, and Media Center Edition at Code Camp

If you are anywhere near Dayton / Cincinnati Ohio, please consider coming out to the Code Camp on Saturday, January 21. There will be plenty of great topics presented. The main categories are as follows: SQL/Mobile/CF,  Development, Non .NET Methodologies, Whiteboard Talks / Misc. topics As you probably guessed, the emphasis will be on coding.  There are 6 sessions, and 4 categories running concurrently at each session.  There is no charge to attend and breakfast/lunch will be provided thanks to Microsoft. Jason Follas, a fellow user group leader at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group will be presenting along with me on the … Continue reading Xbox 360, ASP.NET, and Media Center Edition at Code Camp