Dayton / Cincinnati Code Camp

I’m here at the Dayton / Cincinnati code camp today. So far it rocks!  A lot of familiar faces, and plenty of new ones.  I belive there around around 130 people here- quit a showing especially for a Saturday. 

Gearing up for a presentation on Windows Media Center Edition 2005.  It’s been a lot of fun preparing for this.  Thursday of this past week my lovely weather web service decided to break- and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.  I found mention on other sites about issues with .NET and the NOAA web service, but nothing to tangible.

I decided to grab a program called Ethereal- it allows you to sniff packets on the network going to and from your machine. I kept getting the Protocol Violation error. After examining the packets I noticed that everything appeared to be posting correctly so I knew the data was coming.  However, ASMx with .NET 2.0 is very picky and wants everything “by the book” for security purposes among other things.  Eventually I did the following:

1. Forced the protocol version of the HTTPwebrequest to 1.0

2. Allowed for unsafe headers in the web.config

3. Disabled keepalives

I will be posting the code for the demo and the presentation very soon- stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Dayton / Cincinnati Code Camp

  1. Greg, bummer that you guys couldn’t get the demos working correctly today. next time, don’t forget to make the sacrifice to the demo gods. 🙂

    Your session does make me want to dig into Media Center. Hopefully I can convince my wife to let me build another system so I can play.

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