January / Feb .NET Stuff

The Dayton Cincinnati Code Camp turned out really awesome- I was glad to have travelled down. Got to present on Media Center 2005 along side with Jason Follas. Got to hang out with some great folks and discuss a few community ideas as well (more detail coming later- stay tuned).

Jim Holmes did a really great job organizing the event, as did his team of helpers. The amount of work that Jim had to put forth to pull this off was just mind boggling. I think everyone would agree that the code camp was a success- check out his blog for a quick summary of the evals.   The presentation on Media Center was a little frustrating at first- the machine locked up initially when we were trying to show a simple demo.  I’m not 100% sure what the issue was but I am leaning toward hardware.  I got the machine home and had a “Could not boot OS” message when I turned it on. After tightening a few cables here and there everything seemed fine.  So… I’ll chalk it up to the demo gods for the time being. 

In case you want to get the full Media Center experience, and learn a little more about MCE and how to build one- come check us out at the Great Lakes Area .NET User Group on February 15th. 

Also, we have a really special presentation coming up at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group meeting on Jan 31! Bill Wagner (presenter, author of Effective C# and other books and articles, all around good guy) will be presenting on a great topic- generic in C#!  Meeting detail here.

Oh, I still owe a link to the code and presentation. I will post this as soon as Jim sends me a link to the location.

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