Community Update…

Dustin Campbell from DevExpress came out and presented at our user group last night.  He did an excellent job, especially on such short notice (we were in a bind for a speaker this month!). The topic was gaining productivity for CodeRush and Refactor.  These are two tools that every developer should consider- definitely worth the price!   CodeRush basically allows you to write code faster- use a simple syntax to create stub methods, properties. Even better is the navigation. I’ve always wanted to be able to easily bookmark code and jump back and forth, and that is really easy to do … Continue reading Community Update…

Vista 5342 First Impressions

Downloaded the latest Vista build and wanted to get up and running this weekend. It took me about 1 hr 45 minutes to install on a Celeron 2.4, 768 MB ram. The setup was relatively flawless once I determined that I needed to clear off at least 12 GB of space. I only had about 9 GB free- lots of junk in the recycle bin. I didn’t format the drive prior to installing- just installed right over XP. First impressions… – Really great build. – IE seems to render great. Lots of cool new features. – I was surprised how … Continue reading Vista 5342 First Impressions

Upcoming .NET Meetings

Upcoming Presentation Information (3/28/06) Dustin Campbell is going to be presenting at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group ( Tuesday, March 28th. The topic is Refactor and CodeRush. We’re going to get a demo on those tools (created by Developer Express- Dustin being one of the developers). I’m looking forward to this presentation. I’ve heard a lot about the tools but haven’t really used them too much. We’re also going to be giving away a MSDN Premium Subscription (including VS.NET 2005 Team Suite) if we have more than 25 people. So come ‘on out and help us have a great … Continue reading Upcoming .NET Meetings

Get VS.NET 2005 Standard Free, and some awesome videos

New to ASP.NET? Are you a JSP, PHP, or Cold Fusion programmer and want to learn more? Check out the campgain. If you sign up to watch 3 videos (on demand or live) you get some great schwag, including VS.NET 2005 standard (not for resale) and an ASP.NET 2.0 book. Sponsored by Microsoft, Dr. Dobson, and O’Reilly. More info at bottom of page on link above.  This offer is good only until April 17th so be sure to check it out soon.  If you click on any of the topics, there are quite a list to choose from (regardless of … Continue reading Get VS.NET 2005 Standard Free, and some awesome videos