Ann Arbor Day of .NET

The Ann Arbor Day of .NET TOTALLY rocked. This event was organized by the Great Lakes Area .NET User Group, Ann Arbor Day of .NET Group, and the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group.  The effort was largely lead by Josh Holmes, (Ann Arbor/Gang), John Hopkins (Gang) and Jason Follas (NWNUG).  There were about 16 speakers for the event, my self included- many of whom were MVP’s, User Group Learders, INETA speakers, or all three in some cases 🙂   Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer would have been proud.  This event was all about developers- by developers, for developers.  Everyone who came … Continue reading Ann Arbor Day of .NET

Experienecs with Mono

I’ve been playing around with Mono a little bit on Redhat Linux.  I wanted to see how truly “compatible” it was with stuff that I have written on the windows platform.  I also have a good business reason- one of the groups my team supports uses Linux for data processing activities.  My team has already written some great utilities to do this on the windows form and we wanted to see how adaptable these would be for Linux in a shell environment. Anyway, installing Mono on Redhat enterprise took all of 5 minutes. We have a pretty sharp system admin … Continue reading Experienecs with Mono

ASP.NET Atlas Controls Refresh

Please get over to ScottGu’s blog and check out the latest news on the ASP.NET Atlas controls that were released. Of particular interest: – 50-100 controls– Includes source code that can be modified– Collaborative / Community model for contributions planned Cool stuff!If you are in Ann Arbor on the 13th and planning to go to the Day of .NET, I will be presenting on ASP.NET Atlas- come check out my presentation if you are interested. I will cover a lot of the concepts of Ajax and why atlas is important to web developers. I am also planning on walking through development from … Continue reading ASP.NET Atlas Controls Refresh