In case you haven’t heard yet, ASP.NET Ajax 1.0 has been released! This is fully supported by Microsoft.  It’s great to see the culmination of effort by the ASP.NET team. The great news about ASP.NET Ajax library is that it caters to “both” kinds of developers- Client Centric, as well as Server Centric. Client centric developers can very easily plug in to the javascript library.  For those of you who have been writing Javascript and remember technologies like remote scripting, the web service behavior, etc. you can now tap into a very powerful library that is cross browser compatible … Continue reading ASP.NET Ajax

Codemash Summary

Codemash was a really great conference.  Kudos to all the planners- you guys did an awesome job. It totally blew my expectations away!    I’d say the highlight today was hearing Scott Guthrie. He is by far one of my favorite presenters (I LOVE his tips and tricks sessions) and delivered a great keynote. It was more “down in the weeds” with the new LINQ stuff, which I think as Dustin says, will be the next “darling of .NET”. I thought it was very applicable and I’m sure developers from other backgrounds found it interesting.  I was a little bummed I couldn’t make … Continue reading Codemash Summary


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Codemash Day 1- Up and Running

Codemash officially started today.  I must say I have been very impressed by just about everything so far.  The venue (Kalahari) is excellent.  Jason Follas, a good friend of mine (and president of NWNUG) said it’s like being on the west coast in terms of the facility.  I would have to agree!  I’d been to Kalahari some time ago but never got a chance to go in the conference area.   Great choice, codemash organizers! We kicked off today with a keynote by Neal Ford.  The conference room was chocked full, and I think everyone that attended got something out of it.  I … Continue reading Codemash Day 1- Up and Running

Codemash… just a few more days

Here I am on a Monday afternoon wrapping up my presentations for Codemash.  Fortunately, I had the day off. Glad I did! I’m going to be speaking on two sessions. The first one is an Intro to Ajax. If you have been living under a rock for the last few years you will want to see this one.   This particular presentation is on the methodologies track. So it’s going to be more conceptual and principle oriented- not as much hardcore code. Though there will be code!  In addition to Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax, I’ll also be presenting on using Ajax with … Continue reading Codemash… just a few more days

MVP Award Renewed for 2007!

Just got the e-mail.. My MVP status has been renewed for 2007!  Awesome! I’m really thrilled to continue to be involved in the MVP program. It is a great way to keep up to date with Microsoft and all the great new stuff they are putting out- and to have some input into future products, and to get some recognition for community activity.  Most of my activity is “off-line” as a MVP, doing presentations (some very exciting ones planned this year!!) and helping lead the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group, and of course being involved as an INETA membership manager … Continue reading MVP Award Renewed for 2007!