Heartland Area User Group Summit Event

I had the opportunity this past Friday of attending the Heartland Area User Group Summit.  It was great to get to see some fellow UG leaders, MVP’s, and friends- a few of whom I haven’t seen since Codemash this past January! <tangent>Speaking of Codemash, don’t forget to register. It is going to be an AWESOME event and you can’t beat the price.  Though I didn’t submit an abstract this year, we may try and do some informal things in the vendor area (my new Employer, Perficient, will have a booth).  Please stop by and say hello if you are planning on attending! </tangent> So back to the UG summit.. It was great- Jason Follas and I drove up together, and I got to catch up with Brian Prince, Darrel Hawley, John Hopkins, Josh Holmes, Bill Wagner, Martin Shoemaker, Jay Wren and others (sorry if I forgot to mention you).  Also got to meet some new faces- and it’s good to see the caliber of people stepping up to the plate to help make community a success. I think this year will be very exciting- we as a community have some cool stuff planned.  I think events like Day of .NET, CodeMash, etc. are really helping the community and buzz around what we are so passionate about- developing with Microsoft technology. 


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