Last night’s NWNUG meeting

I was pleased with the format of last night’s user group meeting. We had a smallish crowd, but considering the weather and that we had rescheduled the meeting it wasn’t too shabby. We even had at least one person drive a good distance to make the meeting- glad you made it out Michael! I spoke on Real World Agile development, and Jason presented on some new features of SQL 2008.  My goal was to make my portion of the presentation interactive.  My temptation is to do “normal presenter mode”, but fortunately about half way through the presentation I realized it was me doing most of … Continue reading Last night’s NWNUG meeting

Come on out… NWNUG meeting tonight

If you can make it, please come out to the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group meeting- Jason Follas and I will be tag-teaming it up and presenting. Jason is talking about new things in SQL Server 2008 that he found interesting from the developer perspective. I am going to be presenting on Real World Agile development.  I’m sure it will be fun! We’re playing around with the user group session format and going for something a little more interactive- this will be a good chance to test it out.    

Codemash continued

Day 1 of codemash was stellar and here are a few more highlights.  – Dustin Campbell’s F# talk.  It was at the end of the day, and probably my favorite session so far. F# is not a brand new topic, but it has been getting a lot of attention lately because it is a functional programming language, and things are just going that way (see my previous entry).  Dustin presented what could have been a very esoteric, academic talk and boiled it down to something very understandable and pragmatic.  I heard many other positive comments on the presentation- even Scott … Continue reading Codemash continued

CodeMash 2008… in full force

I arrived at Kalahari, in Sandusky, OH Weds night (Jan 9th) for CodeMash 2008.  I was pretty amazed to see all the attendees for the pre-conference that went from 7-9.  We’ve got quite a crowd this year- close to 350 from what I’ve heard.  This morning kicked off with Neal Ford- entitled “Software Engineering & Polyglot Programming”.  Neal did a great job and there seemed to be a lot of energy in the crowd.  My interest was piqued when mentioned multi-processor programming, and how functional languages (such as F#) will really help developers avoid some of the difficulties of traditional … Continue reading CodeMash 2008… in full force