Codemash continued

Day 1 of codemash was stellar and here are a few more highlights. 

– Dustin Campbell’s F# talk.  It was at the end of the day, and probably my favorite session so far. F# is not a brand new topic, but it has been getting a lot of attention lately because it is a functional programming language, and things are just going that way (see my previous entry).  Dustin presented what could have been a very esoteric, academic talk and boiled it down to something very understandable and pragmatic.  I heard many other positive comments on the presentation- even Scott Hanselmen was in attendance, and rumor has it there may be a podcast coming soon 🙂

– Meeting with others in the community and getting pumped up.  It was great to see so many familiar faces, and meet several new ones. It seems like there is some great momentum being generated here at codemash to keep the community going and growing.  I’m also glad to “fresh blood” in the user group community.  Looking forward to growing NWNUG this year with Jason Follas. Got a few speakers lined up for the UG as well. 

– Quick Solutions set up Rockband for Xbox.  Kudos to them for having the best booth by far! I got to play the game a few times and even got to jam with Scott Hanselmen and some other .NET legends (not even realizing who I was playing with). I think we played the “Wheezer” song at least 5 times (apparently the only one he knew?). It was a ton of fun. I think I’m going to have to get that game 🙂

– Brian Prince’s Agile talk.  I really enjoyed sitting through this and he gave me a few good ideas for fine tuning some of the agile processes tha twe are implementing with clients.  I like his suggestion of trying to implement one new process element a time, getting in the habit of doing that process, and rinse /repeat until you are satisfied.

 – Kalahari water park.  I skipped out on the morning key note and was the first one in the water park. It was a TON of fun. I was here last year, and they have basically doubled in size.  I went down this new water slide that is very similar in concept to a toilet bowl.  You go down the slide and spin around in a big bowl area for a bit, and then drop about 4 feet into a pool.  It was fantastic and very refreshing.  Afterwards I spent a little time in the hot tub and went to a few sessions.

At this point there are a few sessions left in the day. I am going to hit up a few, and then its off to the raffle. I’m hoping to win something again this year (won the Xbox 360 last time!). 

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