Tech Ed 2008- in summary

Here are some final thoughts on my experiences at Tech Ed 2008: Regarding location:  Orlando is one of the better venues for Tech Ed if you have family that wants to come along. A little spread out but with the bus routes, you’re never waiting more than 15 minutes to go from A to B The weather sure is hot in June! But fortunately the conference center was very well air conditioned Regarding the party: The all-you-can-eat food is always a hit with me It was a perfect evening, the weather cooperated Most of the rides were shut down, and … Continue reading Tech Ed 2008- in summary

Tech Ed 2008 Updates

Things are going well at Tech Ed, I’m pretty pleased. This is the 7th Tech Ed that I’ve been to, but the first one in a few years. Here is a brief summary of the first few days at Tech Ed. Day 0 – INETA Summit.  I got to meet up with some old friends, and met a few new ones. Lots of good conversations about running user groups and what some of the current challenges are.  We also talked about code camps, Day of .NET, codemash, etc. and shared some of our experience for the events.  I was pretty pleased overall … Continue reading Tech Ed 2008 Updates

Tech Ed 2008

First apologize for the staleness of the blog. I’ve been on facebook recently, so a lot of my blogging has been done there lately. However, I thought I’d update my community blog, and I plan on updating it while at Tech Ed. I am also twittering- greghuber if you want to follow. What have I been up to lately?  I’ve been presenting on “Real World Agile Development” lately, most recently in Findlay (May meeting).  Jason Follas and I went down there and had a blast, it was nice seeing some familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a while.  Going … Continue reading Tech Ed 2008