Xbox 2 – Media Center Like Device

I just came accross this article, which mentions that the next XBOX will have Media Center type capabilities (in addition to being a kick-butt gaming system!).  I’m pretty excited about that, as I am a big fan of the MCE and Xbox (I play Halo 2 a lot). I think this is a step in the right direction and it will be interesting to see how well the MCE capabilities tie in, especially in terms of software development opportunities.  This could be the vehicle for Bill to get a windows PC in every living room. 🙂  

Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup

If you are looking into exploring options on Windows Media Center, Beyond TV, Sage TV, and  Myth TV- take a look at this article. It is one of the most comprehensive I have seen on the subject and highly recommend a read. The article is a well-thought out, factual presentation of all the features from a consumer perspective (doesn’t dive too deep into development). A couple of quotes that I really like: “Comparing the HTPC with the VCR is like comparing a truck with a horse and wagon. It can do so much more for you.“ Favorite quote from conclusion: “When … Continue reading Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup

Getting ready for a presentation on MCE 2005

I will be presenting Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 in less than a week at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group and again in a few months at the Findlay Area .NET User Group.   Getting ready for this presentation has been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Overall I am very pleased with MCE 2005.  Here are a few observations- consider it a “sneak preview“ for the presentation. Some of my favorite things about MCE 2005- First, a little background. I originally wanted to buy a TIVO.  I was appalled by the fact that they charged … Continue reading Getting ready for a presentation on MCE 2005