Detroit Launch Event

The Detroit Launch event was GREAT. The event was at the Renissance Center in downtown Detroit.  I got there a bit early to set up for the Heartland District / INETA user group booth.  As an INETA Liaison for MI, OH, and PA I was excited that so many user groups would be represented at this event.  We had user groups leaders from as far as Dayton, OH (Jim Holmes) come out to the event and help man the booth. A big thanks to everyone who helped us man the booth- Joe Kunk, Jim Holmes, Jason Follas, Paul Kimmel, Bill … Continue reading Detroit Launch Event

NWNUG Presentation 9/27

I will be presenting in Toledo at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group on Tues, Sept 27.  The topic will cover writing .NET applications using XML. I’m going to be talking about the differences of using some of the more popular .NET XML classes including XmlDocument, XpathNavigator, and XmlReader.  After that I’ll introduce a great shared source library as well as the Microsoft shared source concept.   The particular framework/classes I’m going to introduce is the XpathReader, which allows for streaming XPath queries (and thus more scalable XML based applications).  I have also been contributing to this via the GotDotNet workspace … Continue reading NWNUG Presentation 9/27

Xbox 2 – Media Center Like Device

I just came accross this article, which mentions that the next XBOX will have Media Center type capabilities (in addition to being a kick-butt gaming system!).  I’m pretty excited about that, as I am a big fan of the MCE and Xbox (I play Halo 2 a lot). I think this is a step in the right direction and it will be interesting to see how well the MCE capabilities tie in, especially in terms of software development opportunities.  This could be the vehicle for Bill to get a windows PC in every living room. 🙂  

NWNUG meeting tonight! .NET Pub Club

This month the Northwest Ohio .NET USer Group is going to “NetWork KNow, Use and Grow” at Mr. Beefy’s in Perrysburg, OH tonight at 5:30 pm.  There is an MSDN event that same day, and we are teaming up with Microsoft to host a .NET PUB Club in lieu of our regular meeting.  You will be able to network with other area professionals, meet other members of the user group, and ask any technology questions you may have.  We will also get some tidbits about upcoming presentations in May and June!  We will also be giving away some books and … Continue reading NWNUG meeting tonight! .NET Pub Club

Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup

If you are looking into exploring options on Windows Media Center, Beyond TV, Sage TV, and  Myth TV- take a look at this article. It is one of the most comprehensive I have seen on the subject and highly recommend a read. The article is a well-thought out, factual presentation of all the features from a consumer perspective (doesn’t dive too deep into development). A couple of quotes that I really like: “Comparing the HTPC with the VCR is like comparing a truck with a horse and wagon. It can do so much more for you.“ Favorite quote from conclusion: “When … Continue reading Great HTPC / Media Center Writeup

SQL Server Reporting Services

We had a great presentation on SQL Server Reporting services at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group  given by Cem Demircioglu (Hirzel Canning Company) on March 28th.  This is a product that I have been wanting to experiment with for a while now, and after seeing the presentation I can think of some great applications for it. A few take aways: I thought it was very interesting how you can easily extend SQL Reporting services to generate any type of output.  Out of the box it supports Excel, CSV, PDF and some others. The charting capabilities look really nice.  There … Continue reading SQL Server Reporting Services

Media Center Presentation Tonight- Findlay Area .NET User Group

In case you are in Northwest Ohio today, please come check out my presentation on Media Center at the Findlay Area .NET User Group.  Visit for more information. Greg Huber (President of NWNUG, Microsoft MVP) will be presenting on “Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005” (MCE 2005). MCE 2005 helps bring the power of the PC to your living room and developers can easily take advantage of its API to develop applications. Come find out if Media Center is all it’s hyped up to be! Greg will cover the following- 1st Half of Presentation: MCE 2005 Overview Getting … Continue reading Media Center Presentation Tonight- Findlay Area .NET User Group

Drewby Great Lakes Evangelist

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet, Drew Robbins will be working as the Great Lakes Developer Evangelist for Microsoft!  While I am said to see Alex go (he will be missed!) I think we will get along well with Drew.  I’ve known Drew for a little while now- we did a speaker swap for our user groups last year.  Looking forward to it Drew!!

Agile development with ASP.NET, upcoming UG presentation

I am currently learning a lot about agile development, test driven design, etc. in .NET.  Development methodologies are very interesting to me, and I would like to do some more research on what kind of impact a methodology really has on a project.  I did some basic research for my masters degree on this topic recently and it seems that the methodology has a significant impact on the overall success of a project- especially in terms of understanding user requirements.  I think agile development is a great methodology for doing just that.  However, I do have some reservations in terms … Continue reading Agile development with ASP.NET, upcoming UG presentation

MSDN Post-event: .NET “Pub Club”

If you are planning on going to the Perrysburg, OH MSDN event on 2/8, please come and join us for a .NET “Pub Club“.  We will be meeting at Mr. Beefy’s, almost right accross the street from the venue (Holiday Inn).   You will have the chance to meet and greet the speakers, MVP’s, and other area professionals.   Michael Benkovich (MSFT) will be speaking at the MSDN event and heading up the Pub Club. He will be covering the following topics: Session 1: WinForms – Produce, Extend, Enhance This session will school you in several powerful aspects of WinForms development that you … Continue reading MSDN Post-event: .NET “Pub Club”