Books, Books and more Books

I’ve been travelling by train quite a bit lately, going to a customer site at Corinda (about an hour trip away). That’s helped get quite a bit of reading done. I’m currently reading some computing classics. The latest book I’ve finished is “The Mythical Man Month”, 20th Anniversary Edition by Frederick Brooks Jr. I first read Fred’s book in the 1980’s. It was first published in 1975. This edition (ISBN 0-201-83595-9) features the original text plus Fred’s comments 20 years on. All developers should read this book, if for nothing else but the amazing computing industry time capsule it represents. … Continue reading Books, Books and more Books

Good To Great (Management Books)

Just finished reading “Good To Great” by Jim Collins ISBN 0-06-662099-6. Jim’s previous book “Built To Last” was an interesting read. It covered organisations that were built to stand the test of time. In this latest book, he (and his big analysis team) looked at companies that had made a transition from just being good to becoming great. By great, he’s talking about consistently higher than market results over a long period. He has directly compared them to companies that haven’t made the transition or who, even though they started out much the same, didn’t make the cut. His team … Continue reading Good To Great (Management Books)