SQL CLR Integration

I’ve been listening to heaps of the TechEd sessions from San Diego while driving around in the car. Just finished listening to Mahesh Prakriya and Ramachandran Venkatesh in DAT318 on .NET CLR programming in the database. Interesting session – reiterated much of what’s in the white papers but I picked up a few gems I wasn’t aware of. If you use VS2005 to deploy a SQL Server project to the server and are in Debug release mode, the assembly, the pdb files and the source code all get deployed to SQL Server. I haven’t looked at how you retrieve them … Continue reading SQL CLR Integration

The Donald

I was stuck in an airport the other day waiting for my plane when <shock horror> I realised I didn’t have a techo-book to read on the flight. I’d finished the last one I had with me. So I went and bought a book from the newsstand. Given my family’s fascination with “The Apprentice”, it was obvious which book I had to read. Yes, “The Donald”’s book. No mucking around here with book titles like “How to be a great guy” or “How to improve your wealth or heath or sex life or …”. The Donald’s book is called “HOW … Continue reading The Donald

TechEd Keynote

On Thursday afternoon we were given the demo materials for the keynote with Eric Rudder. Terry Clancy and I tried to sort them out a bit and practiced delivering them during the afternoon. After the dinner for the Dedicated Developers (MSDN Connections) with Eric Rudder at Woodstock, we went back for the first rehearsal while everyone else went on to the TechEd party. It was certainly interesting to see Eric the businessman rather than Eric at the party. I liked seeing the no-nonsense style. Although he seemed ok with our demo (moreso than one other), we knew he wasn’t wrapped in … Continue reading TechEd Keynote

TechEd Australia

Well, TechEd Australia was a great couple of days as well. I had a quick start with a press lunch half an hour after arriving in Canberra from Auckland and the pace didn’t stop from then on till the end. I felt really bad when I couldn’t just hang around the MVP stand a lot, especially when people were chasing me for the MVP bingo cards but I just seemed to have a series of non-stop commitments. Wednesday was such a long day. I’d been up since 1am and didn’t get to bed until 1am the next day. No sleep … Continue reading TechEd Australia

The Elements Of Style

Still be doing a bunch of reading. Latest was “The Elements Of Style“ – William Strunk Jr. (ISBN: 020530902X) Thank you to whoever it was on the Stanski dotnet mailing list that suggested reading this. Most entertaining! Andrew Parsons mentioned he thought it should be compulsory reading for most of us, particularly writers. Details are at: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/020530902X/104-1956752-5835139?v=glance There is also a partial on-line version at: http://www.bartleby.com/141/ Might seem a bit odd (or pedantic) when you start reading it but it contains thought-provoking topics.

TechEd New Zealand

I arrived in Auckland yesterday for TechEd NZ. It’s an impressive event. I’m told there are 1800 delegates. Seeing the queues today, I can believe it. Congrats to the organising team! Last night I attended the speakers dinner at the top of the Sky Tower. It was great to catch up with many people. At our table, I was speaking to Peter O’Dowd (just made an MVP – congrats Pete), Valentine Boairkine, Jesper Johansson, Michael Leworthy, Nate Muggli, Ben Smith, Brian Komar and his lovely wife (Krista?). Quite a mixture and an interesting night. Today, I attended a couple of … Continue reading TechEd New Zealand