2 Day SQL Server 2005 Ascend Training Classes

The site to register for the two-day SQL Server 2005 mini-Ascend training classes is now up and available. There are 3 types of class: one for developers (I’m running this one), one for business intelligence and one for database infrastructure. Info at: http://www.microsoft.com/australia/events/sql2005/

Typing – two fingers, four fingers, etc.

They always say ex-smokers are the worst people at badgering smokers. Fortunately, I’ve avoided that path. However, one I am going to have a little rant about is typing. And yes, I’m a reformed two/four finger typist. I’d been in the industry since the 70’s but only learned to type around 1990. I so wish someone had convinced me to do it earlier. If you work in this industry and you can’t use a keyboard effectively, now’s the time to change that. I used TypeQuick and loved it. I have no idea how good their current versions are/aren’t but back … Continue reading Typing – two fingers, four fingers, etc.

April Update

I really enjoyed the sessions at the security summit around the country. Also had a fun session with the Sydney SQL Server User Group folk last Tuesday thanks! Well, around the country we go again. This time it’s the April Update sessions (like an MSDN Update). Dr Neil’s going to cover some XP topics at lunch time, I’ll be covering SQL Server 2005 security and Dave Glover’s going to show you how DTS has evolved and give you a peek at the new Report Builder app. Hope to see you all there. Details are at: http://www.microsoft.com/australia/msdn/training/aprilupdate.aspx        

A Tool I Really Want

One of the suggestions I’ve been working on with the INETA and MSDN Connection folk is a professional coding competition. The Imagine Cup is a wonderful competition for university students but I keep thinking the code that is created just doesn’t seem to end up anywhere, or at least not often. What I think is needed is a competition for professional coders that offers significant recognition (a good prize would help too) but is targeted to produce something the community needs. The output of the competition would end up being donated to the community and become public domain. I think … Continue reading A Tool I Really Want

Australia vs England Rugby

It seems the folk in Wembley (England) are voting for a name for a new pedestrian bridge. The poll is up at: http://www.lda.gov.uk/server.php?show=ConForm.9 The suggestion is that in the tradition of our rugby rivalry, all Australians should vote for “The John Eales Bridge” 🙂

Security Seminar Webcasts

Andrew Coates and I each rerecorded one of our security summit webcasts last night. The atmosphere’s not the same as a crowded room packed with developers (actually just the empty kitchen at home for me) but hopefully those that missed the sessions will get good value out of them. Andrew’s awesome Click Once session is here. My SQL Server 2005 Intro for Developers is here. Note: from those links you can also download the replay software and then download the videos to watch offline.

Protect the master database part 2

I got lots of good feedback from the last post. As I mentioned, I really think the upcoming DDL_ALL will make it almost trival code. Also, just a note: I went for CHARINDEX rather than an XML query for performance and simplicity. What I’ve also suggested to the dev team (via Dave Lean) is that we really should have a server option (in the advanced options list) that simply prevents these errors in the first place. I’d suggest that 99.9% of DDL mods in master are in error and SQL Server should provide support to avoid these. Setting admin user … Continue reading Protect the master database part 2

Protect the master database in SQL Server 2005

Over the years, I’ve accidentally run scripts in the master database more times than I care to remember. I mentioned it in the Ascend class that Bob Beauchemin was running today and everyone went “oh yes, we do that all the time“. I then realised I can “fix“ 99% of that in SQL Server 2005 with a DDL trigger.   Enjoy!   /* ProtectMasterDDL Trigger Example   – March 2005 by Greg Low    – greg.low@readify.net*/ USE master GO   CREATE TRIGGER ProtectMasterDDL ON DATABASE FOR   CREATE_TABLE,ALTER_TABLE,DROP_TABLE,  CREATE_VIEW,ALTER_VIEW,DROP_VIEW,  CREATE_SYNONYM,DROP_SYNONYM,CREATE_FUNCTION,  ALTER_FUNCTION,DROP_FUNCTION,  CREATE_PROCEDURE,ALTER_PROCEDURE,DROP_PROCEDURE,  CREATE_TRIGGER,ALTER_TRIGGER,DROP_TRIGGER,  CREATE_EVENT_NOTIFICATION,DROP_EVENT_NOTIFICATION,  CREATE_INDEX,ALTER_INDEX,DROP_INDEX,  CREATE_STATISTICS,UPDATE_STATISTICS,DROP_STATISTICS,  CREATE_ASSEMBLY,ALTER_ASSEMBLY,DROP_ASSEMBLY,  CREATE_TYPE,DROP_TYPE,  CREATE_USER,ALTER_USER,DROP_USER,  CREATE_ROLE,ALTER_ROLE,DROP_ROLE,  CREATE_APPLICATION_ROLE,ALTER_APPLICATION_ROLE,DROP_APPLICATION_ROLE,  … Continue reading Protect the master database in SQL Server 2005