TechEd New Zealand – Day One

Well, we’re at the end of day one for Tech Ed NZ in Auckland. It’s been great. I got in on Saturday and finished up the work on my presentations by Sunday, in time for the venue tour and speaker dinner last night. Was great to catch up with many familiar faces plus some new ones. One new face I got to spend a bit of time with was Ron Talmage from Solid Quality Learning. Ron’s doing three sessions. I got to see two of them today, one on SQL Server transaction isolation levels, the other on SQL Server high availability … Continue reading TechEd New Zealand – Day One

Code Camp Oz – Return to Wagga

Mitch & I are pretty excited to let you know the dates for CodeCampOz 2006 have been announced. We’ll be running it 23rd/24th April (note: Sunday/Monday) 2006. Tuesday is a holiday for Anzac day so this should mean that no matter how far away you need to come from, you should only miss a day of work with Saturday & Tuesday available for travel. Basic details are starting to appear at There is also an RSS feed there for announcements.