TechEd New Zealand – Day One

Well, we’re at the end of day one for Tech Ed NZ in Auckland. It’s been great. I got in on Saturday and finished up the work on my presentations by Sunday, in time for the venue tour and speaker dinner last night. Was great to catch up with many familiar faces plus some new ones.

One new face I got to spend a bit of time with was Ron Talmage from Solid Quality Learning. Ron’s doing three sessions. I got to see two of them today, one on SQL Server transaction isolation levels, the other on SQL Server high availability options. Enjoyed both. Recommended! Unfortunately, I can’t see his session tomorrow as it’s on at the same time as my ADO.NET session.

Also got to see Ari Bixhorn’s session on developing for Indigo. Very slick presentation and really well presented. I kept wondering where the real “Ari” was though. Anyone that remembers him from his VBTV days will know what I mean 🙂 Ari seems to have been “corporatized”.

And although he did his session in C#, his VB roots keep coming to the surface. Too funny watching him describe code like:

int counter;

as “Dimming-up an integer” 🙂

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