PASS Conference and SQL MVP Summit

The PASS conference has been great so far. Got to present my session just after lunch time on the first day so now I get to relax a bit more and take in everyone else’s sessions. It has been really great to finally meet up with so many people in the SQL MVP group that I’ve spoken to online for so long. Highlight of the trip so far though was getting to spend half an hour one on one with Jim Gray today. What can I say? It’s not every day you get to spend time with a real legend.

PASS Conference & MVP Summit

I’m heading off to the U.S. PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) conference on the weekend. It’s in Dallas and I must say I’m looking forward to it. I’m presenting the same session (A SQL Server DBA’s Guide to CLR Integration) that I did at PASS in Munich in May but the U.S. event will no doubt have a much larger crowd, further buoyed by most of the SQL Server MVPs also being there. Because the PASS conference and the SQL Server MVP summit dates clashed, Microsoft arranged for our Summit activities to happen in Dallas at the PASS conference. … Continue reading PASS Conference & MVP Summit

My Namespace & Blogging

The functions available from the My namespace look like they’ll continue to evolve substantially. I liked the latest one from PDC: My.Blogs.PublishEntry(MyBlogs.PublishFormat.CommunityServerViaMetaWebLogAPI, _     “http://myblogserver/myblogid”, “myblogid”, “password”, _     “Testing via UsingMyBlogs”, “This is the entry posted from trying out MyBlogs!”)

TechEd 2005 Materials

I’ve had a few requests for the materials from my sessions at TechEd 2005. I’ve posted the slides and the demos from the Australian version (only the session numbers are different from the New Zealand ones) up at and Follow the “Previous Meetings” tab on either site for a link to the ADO.NET and/or SQLCLR materials.

Basic T-SQL Intellisense

Given that Microsoft removed intellisense from T-SQL after beta 1 of SQL Server 2005 (for the moment), it isn’t surprising that someone else stepped in. William Bartholomew sent me a link today. Take a look at There are demos on the site. It’s $25 USD and pretty cute. Works with Query Analyzer, Management Studio and VS.NET.

TechEd – Australia – a Triumph

TechEd Australia’s over now and I’d really have to say it was a triumph for the Frank’s team that organised it. (Particularly this year Chuck and Michael). Well done guys and what a great venue. It was also very pleasing to see a number of the MS guys able to come to our Readify drinks/dinner session at the Sofitel later. (Don’t know if I missed anyone but I certainly remember seeing Andrew, Chuck, Frank, Dave, Dave and Michael at least and I presume Clarry was there). It was appreciated, particularly after the big week I know they’ve had and that a few … Continue reading TechEd – Australia – a Triumph