TechEd – Australia – a Triumph

TechEd Australia’s over now and I’d really have to say it was a triumph for the Frank’s team that organised it. (Particularly this year Chuck and Michael). Well done guys and what a great venue.

It was also very pleasing to see a number of the MS guys able to come to our Readify drinks/dinner session at the Sofitel later. (Don’t know if I missed anyone but I certainly remember seeing Andrew, Chuck, Frank, Dave, Dave and Michael at least and I presume Clarry was there). It was appreciated, particularly after the big week I know they’ve had and that a few of them had wives/kids waiting for them to get back too.

Lots of highlights this year. The session I enjoyed presenting the most was probably the SQL CLR session on Thursday night – big crowd, very receptive and good atmosphere. That was really pleasing for a tough topic at the end of the day.

We also had a Readify conference today. Was great to get to catch up with so many clever people. Funniest line I heard today though has to go to Joseph when he mentioned it’s not every day you end up hearing XPath queries being discussed across a mens room. He’s sure right there…

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