8th Grade Maths

I’m glad of that – I’m wondering which one Chris Sells got wrong…   You Passed 8th Grade Math Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct! Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?

UML and MSF Book

I finally got to finish one of the books I’ve wished I’d had the time to read for ages. It’s Visual Studio .NET, UML and MSF by John Hansen and Carsten Thomsen. It’s a big read (large book) and provides quite thorough coverage of the topics. The last book I read on MSF was the 70-300 self-study guide which didn’t seem to answer my questions all that well. This book does a much better job. The only area I thought it needs to explore is the use of Enterprise Library, given the number of people now making use of it. … Continue reading UML and MSF Book

MS Anti-spyware/Anti-malware oddity

Noticed an odd thing with the new MS anti-spyware program that irks me. Overall, I think it does a great job but I regularly right-click files and select “send to” to send them to programs like WordPad or NotePad to view them. If the file has certain known extensions (eg things like .vb), then the anti-spyware program pops up and asks for approval. That seems odd because it’s actually WordPad or NotePad that I’m launching, not the .vb file. Once you approve it, it then forgets what you were trying to do and opens the .vb file via its default … Continue reading MS Anti-spyware/Anti-malware oddity

A Week Of Firsts

Well it continues to be a week of firsts. Certainly first time I’ve played bass with a cowboy band. We had an MVP dinner tonight at the Circle R Ranch. Got to get up and play a few songs with the cowboy band. Too funny. Dr Tom (Moreau) was the star of the show though and I’m sure his wife Diane was trying to disown him at one stage. Kim the lead guitarist and singer said it’s great being a singing cowboy, right up to the day you need to fill in a credit application. Great stuff. Thanks to all the … Continue reading A Week Of Firsts