Adam Cogan’s Reporting Services Rules & Wishlist

Local MSDN Regional Director Adam Cogan produces lots of lists of rules. He has a list for SQL Server reporting services at . He’s also got a wish list for the next versions:

I’d add the following suggestions:

1. I like the way VS.NET uses a folder structure for a project. I’d like to be able to “show all files” in the project folder and be able to “include/exclude” reports, etc. similar to how I can do that with a C# or VB project.


2. There should be proper support for multi-column reports, period. They should preview properly and “page break at end” in a group setting should mean just that, not next column. There should also be a “column break at end” on groups.


3. I often build reports with the same sets of parameters. I’d like to be able to copy my parameter list from another report. In fact, I’d like to be able to start a report by simply copying another report. (I know I can do these things by a) copying/pasting the XML and b) copying/renaming the .rdl file and then adding an existing item to the project but I’d like GUI support for them).


4. I want currency & regional formatting that doesn’t follow the regional settings. ie: I’d like to be able to format values as currency but not have them change when the users regional settings change. For example, if I publish a financial report in Australia on my web site, a million dollars should not become a million pounds when someone in the UK views the report.


5. I’d like to see an exact numeric datatype for stored procedure parameters. Sorry, “float” just doesn’t cut it.



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