Hyundai Getz <> BMW Sports Series

Got a Slashdot link today to a Builder article by Steve Turvey comparing databases for small companies. By the time I got to the paragraph that said: “SQL Server Express is one of two free databases we tested and is actually Microsoft’s replacement for its earlier free offering the Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) which was based on the old Access technology. “, I was groaning. The MSDE is very close to Express, is a version of SQL Server 2000 and a long way from Access. That’s just nonsense. It then goes on to mix up concepts of numbers of connected … Continue reading Hyundai Getz <> BMW Sports Series

Reporting Services Book

Yesterday I read Anthony Mann’s book “The Rational Guide to SQL Reporting Services“. I quite enjoyed it. Although it’s brief, I like the short punchy style of this series of books. They just tell you the main things you need to know to get started with a topic and at a pretty low cost. The last Rational Guide I read was Roger Wolter’s Service Broker book, although it had more meat in it. Anyway, Recommended if you want a short sharp introduction to SQL Reporting Services!

New hires in our team at Readify

French C# MVP Francois Beaussier has joined our team at Readify this week. He’s traded the chic world of Paris for the beaches of Manly. Welcome! Also recently, we’ve hired Graham Gardner and well-known local developer Clarke Scott. Welcome guys!

Joe Celko’s SQL Puzzles and Answers

Got to finish another book recently. It was Joe Celko‘s SQL Puzzles and Answers. I have to say I enjoyed it. Much of the syntax is a bit too strictly ANSI SQL for SQL Server’s liking but I just love the fact that Joe is writing on these topics and has again provided a thought-provoking book. It would be hard to imagine any SQL developer or DBA reading it and not picking up some ideas for something they’re working on. It also made me think of several things I wish T-SQL had, like the following: INSERT sometable (columna,columnb) VALUES((a,b),(c,d),(e,f)) Recommended!

Vale SQLWish

If you have great suggestions for what you’d like to see in SQL Server, please now post them to as the alias is soon to be no more than a distant memory.

Another Great Tour By The Local DPE Team

It has been great to get to speak to so many people around the country over the last three weeks. Frank Arrigo’s team (particularly Andrew Coates) put together a good show. Once again, I got to see all the effort that went on in the background to make it happen. I hope all enjoyed it. Two things stand out for me: 1. Having the opportunity to chat with people about possible future directions for SQL Server. Great option from Dave Lean with Nick Ward’s help. 2. Getting the guitar from Chuck and the team. Thanks folks and thanks for the … Continue reading Another Great Tour By The Local DPE Team

The Da Vinci Code

While on the houseboat, I couldn’t only read a technical book. No-one would have forgiven me. So I read “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I presume I’m close to the last person on the planet to actually read this book but I decided it was time to do so before the movie comes out. It certainly is a great little yarn with lots of breath-taking action but I have to say the mathematical side of me kept cringing every time he’d draw a completely unwarranted conclusion. The arguments in the book are told by a pair of academic … Continue reading The Da Vinci Code

Great SQL Server Service Broker Book

Over the weekend, I got to do some more reading while we were out on a houseboat. Much to the chagrin of my family, one of the books I read was “The Rational Guide To SQL Server 2005 Service Broker” by Roger Wolter. What can I say? This is THE book to read for those using (or looking to use) Service Broker. I loved reading many of the insights that only one of the members of the product team can provide. Roger is the product manager for Service Broker and for SQL Server Express. I did a podcast interview with … Continue reading Great SQL Server Service Broker Book