RD Program

Well it looks like the worst-kept secret in the local developer community is now out. The RD lead Kevin Schuler tells me the paperwork is processed, so that probably makes it official that I’ve now joined the RD program. Thanks to all in the local DPE team (ie Frank’s team) and notably Chuck for their efforts on this. I’m pleased to join the other local RD Adam Cogan in this program and need to mention the great work from the RD I’m replacing (Dr Peter Stanski). I hope I can do what’s needed as there are big shoes to fill … Continue reading RD Program

Finally had enough of Connexus hosting <sigh>

One of the quiet little sites I have is the White Bear Consulting site. It’s mostly just used to take an occasional order for the MSDE Manager series of tools and still provides a large number of downloads of the free version. But as the popularity of the MSDE gets replaced by interest in SQL Express, I’m expecting the activity to decline. However, what’s disappointed me most is the nonsense I’ve had to deal with having the site hosted by Connexus here in Australia. You’d think a simple FrontPage site that doesn’t change would be the simplest thing to look … Continue reading Finally had enough of Connexus hosting <sigh>

Is the MVP program OK?

Dave Lemphers did start a bit of a discussion in the local MVP community recently with this post and this followup. Dave’s a great guy and I’ve spent some fun time with him, including amazing adventures in Malaysia last year but I don’t agree with him on this one even though I think I follow where some of the intent comes from. I don’t see the concept of an award that runs for a year and then is almost impossible to renew as workable. Dave says that contacts, etc. can be made during that year and then used in an ongoing way. Many … Continue reading Is the MVP program OK?