CodeCampOz – Return to Wagga – Done and Dusted & Some Interesting Pizza Stats

So, CodeCampOz is over for another year. Again, it was wonderful to see the local developer community in action. Special thanks need to go to:

* Irfan Altas and the gang at Charles Sturt University for their outstanding organisation help

* Chuck Sterling, Andrew Coates, Dave Lemphers and all the Microsoft Australia gang – particularly those in Frank Arrigo’s group – (great to see Deeps and Rose Stamell there too) for their sponsorship and all-round help and encouragement

* Adam Cogan for sponsorship of the speaker trainer

* Mitch Denny for being Mitch

* All the speakers. Apart from Mitch and myself, I think I have the full list in: Dan Green, Bill Chesnut, Charles Sterling, Joseph Cooney, Anthony Borton, Shea Strickland, Philip Argy, Chris Hewitt, Martin Hale, Angus Logan, Darren Neimke, Adam Cogan, Troy Magennis, Nick Randolph, Dave Lemphers, Martin Granell, Nick Weinholt, Paul Glavich, James McCutcheon, Susan Entwisle, Geoff Orr, Rocky Heckman, Deepak Kapoor and Tatham Oddie.

* The non-developer MVPs: Sandi, John (McGhie), Steve, Judy and Shauna who also provided alternate sessions that made attendees realise what they didn’t know about Word or IE.

Special thanks for behind-the-scenes efforts also to:

* Corneliu Tusnea for helping with travel arrangements

* Anthony Chan for helping with signage and stats

* John, Judy, Rose and Steve (you know how you helped)

and anyone else I forgot. Thanks also to all the attendees.

We also received some interesting statistics from Anthony Chan:

* 75 vehicles (including one motor home) were parked on site.

* Most favourite pizza flavour was Pepperoni, followed closely by Hawaiian and BBQ Meatlovers. Less favoured were BBQ Chicken, Cheese and Vegetarian.

* Most favourite drink was Coke (classic) with daylight second and the rest in a close tie (Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite and Water)

* Average was 3 slices per person.

* Only 60% had garlic bread.  A standard 9 inch garlic bread could serve 3 attendees.

Thanks Anthony!


4 thoughts on “CodeCampOz – Return to Wagga – Done and Dusted & Some Interesting Pizza Stats

  1. Greg,

    Do you have a link for your presentation and sample scripts on avoiding recompiles. I did a quick google search, but looks like my ninja monkey google skills are lacking. Great preso btw!

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