Datadude CTP6 Now Available

Just had the good news from Gert Drapers that CTP6 of DataDude (aka Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals) has hit the download site. You can get it from here: Great to see it progressing so well. Gert listed the following highlights in this post:   

Datadude Chat!

I've been presenting a number of sessions around the country on Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (aka DataDude). The interest in the product seems to be growing well. If you'd like to chat to one of the people directly involved with the product, Cameron Skinner has posted details of an upcoming online chat with the product team. It's Thursday 2nd November at 5am Melbourne time (note Daylight Savings time is in effect then). Details are here: If you'd like to know more about the product, you might also listen to the podcast I recently recorded with Gert Drapers. … Continue reading Datadude Chat!

Script SQL Server Database – Schema *and* Data

Good to see a CTP of a new publishing wizard for SQL Server appearing on the download site this morning. It can be used to generate the T-SQL scripts necessary to recreate a database with both schema and data. This could be very useful when you need to publish a database up to a hosted server environment. Details are at:

Vista Photos

In the RD program, we get some odd requests. The other day, Kevin Schuler (our RD lead) was after photos of us with Vista and Office at landmarks around the world. So, I was in Sydney and with help from Corneliu Tusnea and his photographer mate, we got busy: It was pretty funny watching the expressions on the faces of people around us while we were doing this…

SQL Down Under Code Camp #1 done and #2 on the way !

Thanks to all that participated in our weekend of all things SQL Server. In particular I need to thank the other speakers (in order of appearance 🙂 : Adam Cogan, Grant Paisley, Geoff Orr, Peter Myers, Darren Gosbell, Greg Linwood, Rob Farley, Itzik Ben-Gan, Peter Ward, Trevor Andrew. I ended up being the last one and we were done pretty much right on time around 3pm Sunday. I always felt there was enough interest in SQL Server related topics to justify a full weekend CodeCamp on it and was really pleased with the outcome. We nearly left it to next year … Continue reading SQL Down Under Code Camp #1 done and #2 on the way !

Way to go QUT!

I did my PhD at QUT in Brisbane and I've always told people that I think the research group there that's led by Prof John Gough does some of the most outstanding work around. It was really pleasing to see this post today from Somasgear: and to see John and Wayne Kelly singled out for mention. Way to go guys!