Juval Lowy presenting a WCF master class in Australia

We’ve arranged to get Juval Lowy to come to Australia to present an Industrial Strength WCF master class. Juval is a fellow RD, a principal at iDesign and is listed by Microsoft as a Software Legend. (His details are at: http://www.idesign.net/idesign/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=3&tabid=5)   The current plan is only for a single master class in Sydney and Melbourne. Numbers are strictly limited as it’s a very hands-on class. We’ve got a number of our own staff on each offering. The Melbourne class is 5th February and the Sydney class is 12th February.   This is an intense class. Details are at: http://www.readify.net/Default.aspx?tabid=241. Bookings are here: http://www.readify.net/book+now!.aspx.

New Zealand SQL Code Camp done and dusted

Congratulations to Nathan Pitcher, Peter Jones, Sue Chard and all the gang from NZ .NET that organised the SQL “Really Down Under” Code Camp over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part. It was great to see so many people along and the great SQL community spirit happening in Porirua. Because the first day ran over time, my TSQL error handling session got moved to Sunday morning up against Julia Heather’s replication session. That was a pity, both for reducing her crowd and because I’d have loved to have attended her session ! I was also very pleased to see so many … Continue reading New Zealand SQL Code Camp done and dusted

"Agile" does not mean "Rushed" or "Sloppy"

I’ve noticed a trend in which far too many people now use the word “agile” as a synonym for “done in a big rush”. Agile should relate to the ability to be constantly adapted not to how tight the deadlines appear to be. I was at a site a few months back where everything they’d done was sloppy and poorly conceived. Their excuse was the need for “agile” development. I suspect they’d swallowed a buzz-word dictionary. It ended up so “agile” that they’re now back rewriting it all.

Datadude – coming soon

In case you’ve missed the news on DataDude, Mairead and the DataDude team have announced the release date for Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals as 30th November 2006. This is great news. If you want a sneak preview of where the product is up to, CTP7 is also currently available here: http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/1/9/319c5020-0fed-4dc1-b043-69567fda3941/TeamDataCTP7.exe  Note as per Gert’s blog, that for this CTP, the install requirements have moved into line with the RTM requirements and you need to have a retail version of VSTS (Team Suite) or the trial version that you can find here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=5677ddc4-5035-401f-95c3-cc6f46f6d8f7&displaylang=en

New Zealand SQL "Really Down Under" Code Camp

I’m off to Wellington in the morning to deliver the keynote at the New Zealand Code Camp with Adam Cogan plus a couple of other sessions. In the keynote, we’ll be covering Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (aka DataDude) and I’ll also be doing sessions on TSQL Error Handling (with material I adapted for TechEd Oz from the awesome Bob Beauchemin) and Avoiding Stored Procedure Recompiles (my session from PASS Barcelona from earlier this year). I’m really looking forward to heading over and catching up with the SQL Server community there. What’s extra interesting is that Nick Randolph has … Continue reading New Zealand SQL "Really Down Under" Code Camp

Microsoft and Novell Co-operating is a good thing

This Microsoft Press announcement talks about a new era of co-operation between Microsoft and Novell. It’s interesting to see this playing out across the blogosphere. Folk who are entirely GPL focussed don’t seem happy (particularly the Samba folk) but my guess is that where this all ends will be helpful to all of us working in the industry. I just don’t buy the conspiracy theories that seem to abound. Well done Microsoft and Novell. I’d like to see you both keep talking!