Survivor – Development

I once heard of a development group where every three months a vote was taken and the bottom ten percent of the group were replaced by newcomers. It sounded a bit like Survivor – Development. A common immediate reaction is to assume that it would become a popularity contest but that wasn’t the case. The group had very specific KPI’s to achieve and those that helped achieve those goals were well respected in the group, regardless of “popularity”. Really anti-social folk tended to get removed though. (In our company, one of the tests we use during the hiring phase is lovingly … Continue reading Survivor – Development

Pan’s Labrynth

I don’t normally write movie review blog entries but I went to see Pan’s Labrynth with a group from Readify last night. Director Guillermo Del Toro has done a stunning job on this. Fantasy drama isn’t really my thing but I found the movie captivating. It is an amazing work. It’s more impressive when you consider the movie is in Spanish (but fortunately with large English subtitles). It didn’t take long at all to stop thinking about the Spanish. It is not for everyone though. It has a high level of graphic violence related to the Spanish military of the … Continue reading Pan’s Labrynth