Talking the talk

OK, these two sites cracked me up today. The first generates web economy phrases that are actually just rubbish (but very believable sounding). The second auto-generates web 2.0 business names and functions. Enjoy!

Happy new Year – for the Chinese readers

February 18th was new year for the Chinese. This is the year of the pig. Apparently, this is also a special year of the pig. It’s the golden one which only comes every 60 years. My wife is of Chinese extraction and so it’s been interesting following things over the last few days. We spent part of their New Years Eve at a Buddhist temple with her family. I have to say that was quite fascinating along with trying a few foods I’ve never seen before. So, to any readers of Chinese extraction – happy new year!

The Elements of C# Style

Mitch Wheat recently posted about a wonderful little book called “The Elements of C# Style“. I loved reading Strunk’s “The Elements of Style” so I had to pick up a copy and read it. Mitch was spot on. This is a great little book that doesn’t take long to read and provides a great summary of good C# coding style. We have regular discussions in the blogosphere about whether or not sets of rules on coding are a good or bad thing. My own take on this is that it is critical to distill this sort of information so that newcomers to … Continue reading The Elements of C# Style

Improving ASP.NET Session State database performance by reducing blocking

On a recent consulting engagement, I was working with a client that had significant performance issues with their ASP.NET session state database. They had a combination of both large session state and a large number of concurrent sessions. They were regularly experiencing command timeouts on that database. In my investigation, curiously I found that a DELETE statement was the culprit. I tracked it to the DeleteExpiredSessions stored procedure. Looking at it, it seems tame enough: CREATE PROCEDURE DeleteExpiredSessions AS   DECLARE @now DATETIME   SET @now = GETUTCDATE()     DELETE ASPState..ASPStateTempSessions   WHERE Expires < @now     RETURN … Continue reading Improving ASP.NET Session State database performance by reducing blocking

Want to try to help cure cancer and do interesting work?

Fellow RD, Tim Huckaby (who many would know from his presentations when he’s been in the country) has been doing some awesome demos lately of a project he’s on that’s helping in the fight to cure cancer. Heavy use of visualisation is involved. Recently, he’s been on stage with Steve Ballmer showing this and it’s getting tons of coverage. So how does this affect you? They now want to take this to stage two and are looking for some of the brightest .NET folk on the planet to help. The work will be done remotely. Microsoft is sponsoring the project … Continue reading Want to try to help cure cancer and do interesting work?