Where’s Chuck?

One of our good friends from Microsoft, Charles Sterling is going to make the drive to CodeCampOz from Brisbane for this weekend. Just to keep it entertaining, he’s going to have a tracking device with him. You can see where he’s up to at: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/archive/2007/03/29/track-chuck-while-driving-to-code-camp-and-hobart.aspx

Juval has been and gone – Ian Griffiths is on the way

It was great having Juval Lowy in Australia for our Industrial Strength WCF Masterclass. I’m still kicking myself that I couldn’t attend it. The reports I heard from attendees were wonderful. Now there’s another wizard on the way. Ian Griffiths will be heading over to present our Industrial Strength WPF Masterclass. Each of these series of events are unique experiences to get to spend time with thought-leaders in the industry. Clearly, they’re not for everyone but if you feel that WPF is in your future and you want to have a very solid understanding of it, now’s the best chance … Continue reading Juval has been and gone – Ian Griffiths is on the way

SQL CLR needs server-side compiles

THE PROBLEM   The current model in which a developer generates an assembly and then passes it to a DBA and says “trust me” is failing to allow for the typical dynamics involved. To the DBA, this assembly is like a black box and completely ignores the politics often involved in this situation.   Also, the current model ties databases directly to versions of the .NET Framework. While there is currently only a single supported version of this now, this won’t remain the case and will lead to a versioning mess in the future. DBA’s won’t want to hear about … Continue reading SQL CLR needs server-side compiles

ZDNet MVP Interview Series

ZDNet has been doing a series of MVP interviews. One from Greg Linwood is now online here:  http://www.zdnet.com.au/microsites/microsoft/mvp-series/ and the first of mine goes live 19th March. Regards, Greg

CodeCampOz 2007 Schedule now posted

Hi folks,   For those that have asked, we’ve just posted up the tentative schedule for CodeCampOz 2007 at www.codecampoz.com. There’s one we’re still reworking but the rest look pretty solid now.   Enjoy!   Regards,   Greg