SQL Down Under show 22 with Kevin Kline

I’ve been back into podcasting this week. I’ve been wanting to have Kevin on the show for ages and am so pleased to finally make it happen.  SQL Down Under show 22 with guest SQL Server MVP and PASS President Kevin Kline can be downloaded now at www.sqldownunder.com. Note: I’m having some hassles with WMA processing at present and the file is 2x or 3x larger than what I’d like. The mp3 file is normal. I hope to address that really soon. Enjoy!

Now an Industrial-Strength Sharepoint Masterclass

Our WPF masterclass with Ian Griffiths is currently underway but it’s time to let you know about the next one happening. For all the Sharepoint fans out there, we’ve got Patrick Tissighem (author of Inside MOSS 2007) coming! It’s in Sydney in mid-June. Details are at: http://www.readify.net/Default.aspx?tabid=258 Enjoy!

SQL Server Logins and SIDs – a quiet change in SP2

A very common issue that’s raised in the newsgroups relates to SQL Server logins that need to be moved between servers. When you recreate a SQL Server login (ie: not a Windows one), by default you get a new security ID (SID), even though you have the same user name and password. The problem then comes when you restore a database from another server. You can’t access it. If you to to create the user entry in the database, it says it already exists and fails. But if you try to list the users in the database, it also doesn’t … Continue reading SQL Server Logins and SIDs – a quiet change in SP2