QANTAS: A Great Week (Finally) But Then Crashing Back To Reality: Two Deplanes in a Single Morning

I’m sitting in the QANTAS club in Melbourne at present. Nothing surprising there for anyone that knows me however I should be in Brisbane. I was so happy yesterday that I was finally able to write a positive QANTAS blog post as last week’s flights were great, really great. But today, I’ve come crashing back to reality. I was on QF604 to Brisbane this morning after getting up at 4:45am to make the flight. After we boarded, the familiar “we just have this small (in fact I think she said ‘tiny’) electrical problem that we should have sorted out in … Continue reading QANTAS: A Great Week (Finally) But Then Crashing Back To Reality: Two Deplanes in a Single Morning

SQL Down Under Code Camp Was Excellent

Our SQL Server code camp held at Charles Sturt University on the October 13th/14th weekend was great once again. Thanks need to go to all the presenters and to Jason and all the helpers at CSU. Special thanks to Kevin Kline for making the trip out and to Quest for covering his costs. More special thanks to Rachel and the gang at RedGate software for sponsoring our evening BBQ and to Peter Ward and WardyIT for our gourmet coffee on Saturday morning. I’ve updated the site with a download of all the materials that I’ve received from presenters. It’s at: … Continue reading SQL Down Under Code Camp Was Excellent

QANTAS: A Baggage Week

I had hoped last week would be a better one with my QANTAS trips. With the flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, we had a delay in the check-in because the baggage conveyor had broken down. We ended up all just standing around staring at the check-in staff who didn’t look pleased either. However, the worst part was on the return from Brisbane to Melbourne. There’s a flight every hour. Even though we landed at 8:15pm, the first bags came out onto the carousel at 9:15pm. The board was showing that the next flight had already landed. After we had stood … Continue reading QANTAS: A Baggage Week