Book: The Exceptional Presenter – Timothy Koegel

When I am travelling, I try to make sure I have enough books with me to read. I estimate how much time I’ll have for reading and look at the books in my “to be read” pile. It’s always a tradeoff between having enough books and the weight of the books in my luggage. Timothy Koegel’s book “The Exceptional Presenter” wasn’t in that pile. It was one of the books I pick up in an airport when I’ve accidentally been caught without enough. Even though it wasn’t on my planned or recommended reading list, I enjoyed it. The quote from … Continue reading Book: The Exceptional Presenter – Timothy Koegel

Developer Productivity – MIA?

Darren Neimke has a thoughtful post about a Dot Net Rocks show he recently listened to. He said he gets really annoyed when people start knocking HTML and Javascript. Darren mentions sites like Amazon, Flickr, YouTube and Wikipedia as examples of what these technologies have brought us. For me, the real story is developer productivity, which I now feel is missing in action. My take on it is that sites like these have been built in spite of the tools being used. I wonder how much richer these sort of sites would have been, had we not been spending our … Continue reading Developer Productivity – MIA?

Much Ado About Dates

I just did a short article for the PASS newsletter on SQL Server 2008 and date/time types. I thought I’d copy it here too:  SQL Server 2008 introduces a wave of changes in the way we use and process dates and times in SQL Server. Reportedly, having separate date and time data types was one of the highest-rated customer requests from previous versions. The early betas of SQL Server 2005 included a separate date data type but this was withdrawn from the release when a number of problems with the way it was implemented became apparent. Thankfully, this has returned in … Continue reading Much Ado About Dates

PDA Typing

I had a colleague today who said “sorry about the PDA typing” when sending an email. It made me reflect on the change that PDA devices have had on the email system. I used to think that SMS messages (ie: texts) that the teenagers send to each other were fairly cryptic but I’d have to say that even they pale into insignificance compared to some of the messages I receive now from PDA-based emailers. The briefest email I’ve ever received from a client said:  TY D Maybe I was having a day where I was a bit thick but it … Continue reading PDA Typing

Keynote at PASS summit – Dusseldorf

On another PASS-related topic, I’m really honoured to have been appointed as the keynote speaker for the PASS summit in Germany in April 2008. Details are at: If any reader is attending, please find me and say hello.

PASS board meeting

Over the last few weeks, I also attended the board meeting for PASS ( I was voted onto the board this year and at the board meeting, it was confirmed that I will now take on the role of Director for Chapters. I’m very excited about the possibilities that this brings and I look forward to trying to make a signficant contribution to the chapter organisations throughout the world. My first step is to spend time talking to each chapter leader, so if you head up a PASS chapter, expect a call 🙂

Need help interviewing technical staff?

Another piece of noteworthy information is the launch of I’ve seen this grow from a hint of an idea into reality over a fairly short time. The idea is that rather than conducting the technical interviews with new staff yourself, you outsource it to industry experts for the topics you have chosen. At first, only .NET development and SQL Server related assessments are available but this is likely to grow quickly. For each interview, you specify up to ten key areas you would like to have covered, the interviewer (possibly two depending upon the topic) spends up to an … Continue reading Need help interviewing technical staff?

The only constant is change (Heraclitus)

Regular readers might notice I’ve been quieter than normal lately. All sorts of changes have been happening. First, I decided to leave Readify. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there and think I’ve definitely managed to leave my mark there. It’s still a great company but I’ve just found that the directions I want to head and where it seems to me to be heading are different places. I have decided to immerse myself even deeper into SQL Server and surrounding technologies. My old friend from Barcelona (and fellow RD) Fernando Guerrero contacted me and told me he was wanting … Continue reading The only constant is change (Heraclitus)