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December, 2011:

How to restore the SharePoint Web Services IIS Web Site if accidently deleted

What NOT to do
What NOT to do
Extend Web Application to Another IIS Web SIte

This week one of my clients had a particular issue that I found very funny. Turn out that someone a.k.a MySite killer decide to use “SharePoint Web Services” IIS web site to host a new extended web application.  As you may know, “SharePoint Web Services” IIS web site it’s a common web site that other service applications use, so it’s very important to leave intact and without any changes. SharePoint Configuration Wizard a.k.a PSConfig.exe provisions this web site.

But you know, things happen, for those who are new to the platform and are not familiar with the UI they can make mistakes thinking that Use and existing IIS web site is the same that Use an existing application pool. And also once noticing that extended web application is not working you can always remove extended zone and guess what? You will erase the Root folder that SharePoint Web Services IIS web site is pointing and that’s too not good.

Found this amazing article but didn’t work, the reason was that Root folder is missing and IIS web site is not properly referenced. I decide to copy Root folder from other server, dropped on C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\WebServices\ and run it again. It works properly.

Now client SharePoint farm it’s working just fine.

Hope it helps!