Content is the king

Few comments about an Intranet solution: I don’t see nothing suggesting a search other that a hyperlink at the bottom of the page, today search it’s so important and valuable to support, need to see what’s the vision on that The resource section clearly suggest some level of functionality or dependency with other important sections of the Intranet solution, we need to make sure we understand the scope or expectation of each specific piece of data or content, the majority of the links are under construction. The current graphic proposal has the main page but we also need to see the … Continue reading Content is the king

Because you can succeed, you also can fail

This is just an interesting scenario I’m dealing with. I’m pretty sure SharePoint can support a state level solution for this problem with the proper infrastructure and procedures in place, but, are you sure the business can support a change like that? Switching from one paper form and manual process to an electronic forms with automated workflow solution requires more than servers and infrastructure, it requires business support and commitment because: You need to define if current print copy approvals still going to be supported The business needs to recognize and agree that electronic signing and workflow approach will be … Continue reading Because you can succeed, you also can fail