Consider the cloud

Recently I came across the stage to support collaboration between internal and external users in Office 365 environment. Basically we are talking about an extranet scenario where you need to allow a group of employees of an organization to work with different people outside the organization, are you familiar? It is well known that SharePoint 2010 supports functionality features to attack extranet scenarios including authentication. As it happens, Microsoft Office 365 already configured authentication provider of Windows Live with which we can make users with Microsoft Windows Live account to access our SharePoint portal without us having to provision, manage, … Continue reading Consider the cloud

Because you never know where passion can take you

As a professional in information technology sector there are always opportunities to help companies innovate and enhance the way they work. This was my experience here in Sacramento, CA. The past six months I had the opportunity to work with a large Law Enforcement Agency helping them realize new ways to communicate and collaborate through all the state in an efficient and cost effective way. The people from Sacramento where very nice to me, I only have good memories and great awesome moments with American, Saudi, Indian and of course Hispanic people.