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That one initial question

I know, is exiting to be able to take a product like SharePoint and install in your environment. It’s nice to see how easy is to follow recommendations from Microsoft TechNet or some blogs, YouTube videos out there and implement the platform in your premises. From the technical or engineering perspective, is awesome. SharePoint is a very big product, it offers significant number of tools and options for dealing with majority of enterprise challenges like search, content management, data interoperability, workflows etc. and it requires more than a SharePoint clean install to make sure we deliver value to a specific business goal. So, today I want to share the importance of asking that one question we need to ask to the business and be able to properly implement SharePoint.

Some question:

  • How can I make sure that a particular SharePoint feature or set of feature represent a solution approach for a specific business challenge?
  • How can I really envision the level of effort and cost of a SharePoint implementation?
  • Wait, did I say business challenge? What are my business challenges?

Yes, it’s critical to identify what are the business pain point and real issues that departments, processes, areas, business people or company as a whole are facing on daily basis on a given scenario. Maybe we should start from there.