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Thanks Microsoft & SharePoint Community

MVP for 11 years now, but always feel like the first time. Thanks to Microsoft for the MVP Award this year. Also thanks to my fellow colleagues and SharePoint community for their awesomeness. I am proud and happy to be around another year especially when new version of our favorite product is coming.



MVP for 10 years!

Haaron Gonzalez MVP Anyversary

Haaron Gonzalez MVP Aniversary

You have no idea how the MVP program has motivated and influenced my career. Today I was renewed for the tenth consecutive time as a valuable professional Microsoft. Doing some history is clear that this recognition and the opportunity to learn, share and interact with a network of 4000 experts in Microsoft technologies from around the world, has been an experience in my professional and personal life. First I was recognized as valuable professional in ASP / ASP.NET category since February of 2004 and since then I received opportunities and challenges that put me in a position to challenge my paradigms and conceptual models of thought and language. Also, in April 2009 I was recognized as a valuable professional in SharePoint Server. It has been a long journey with a variety of scenarios and people that have left something significant in my life and every day, in every experience I can see and feel their influence. In this journey I have been with my wife and children whom without their support and understanding would not be possible to continue. Thanks Microsoft to renew, thanks friends and colleagues for sharing your experiences, thank to my family for understanding and be part of this effort.