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Speaking at Nintex Inspire 2016 in Las Vegas

I am so happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at Nintex InspireX Conference co-presenting with Tom Castiglia. We will share how to use Nintex Workflow & Forms and DocuSign fornintexinspire automating some of the most typical Human Resources process in a company. Nintex Workflow and Docusign can work together to request and retrieve digital signed PDF files for archiving the paperwork that needs HR by law need to retain. We automated some process for our customers and we want to share our overall solution approach.

Nintex InspireX will be on take place in Las Vegas, Nevada between February 22-24. In encourage you to review the agenda and awesome sessions/speaker line up.

Here the session details:
Using Nintex and DocuSign for Open Enrollment and Employee Onboarding, with Konica Minolta Business Solutions
When organizations hire a new employee, the onboarding process always requires the new hire to fill out, sign and submit numerous legally binding forms. These forms are typically provided by benefit providers and government agencies in paper and/or PDF format, and require a “wet” signature to be submitted. This session will show how to architect a re-usable solution based on Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow and DocuSign, that can support any number of different third party forms, converted into DocuSign templates in order to capture a legally binding digital signature. We’ll also show dashboards for the HR Manager to monitor the progress/status of forms pending for each employee.


I’ll speak at SharePoint Saturday Mexico City 2016



On February 6, 2016 I am going to participate as speaker at SharePoint Saturday Mexico City. I am thrill to participate as speaker and be able to share experiences around some of my favorite topics like Nintex Workflows, ECM and Office 365 groups with the community.

I will present three sessions in Spanish, so here are the titles:

  • The modern office and the rise of dynamic teams
  • Beyond InfoPath: Forms-Driven Workflow Solutions with Nintex
  • Leverage SharePoint Online and Office 365 for Records Management

So, if you live and Mexico City and work as a SharePoint Administrator, SharePoint Consultant or Solution Architect please come by and join me, my plan is to share applicable and real world experiences around Nintex, ECM and Office 365 groups in Spanish “including demos”, so se you there.

Please register at: http://www.spsevents.org/city/mexicocity/mexicocity2016

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday San Diego

Got approved to participate as speaker in the SharePoint Saturday San Diego event next November 15, 2014. Awesome content, awesome speakers, awesome venue, awesome city. I will share some experiences on how to enhance document collaboration with SharePoint, what out of the box features we can use to simplify how people collaborate en enhance the end user experience. Those little tips & tricks that make the difference for end users.

Event Details:


Session Details:

Enhance the way people collaborate with documents in SharePoint 
Come and learn those extra settings we can turn on to enhance the way people collaborate with documents in SharePoint. There is a set of out of the box settings available in a document library that we can configure to provide a friction free experience for document authors and content consumers.


SharePoint Saturday San Diego

SharePoint Saturday San Diego

Slides for my session at SharePoint Saturday Gulf

Thanks attendees for share with me during this presentation. Here are the slides of my session:


Chat with the Experts: All you ever wanted to know about SharePoint, but were afraid to ask

Tomorrow morning April 10, 2014 I will be part of the Chat with the Experts: All you ever wanted to know about SharePoint, but were afraid to ask online event where Spanish speaking professionals from all over Latin American and Spain will get together in a live Q&A kind of conversation around our favorite product and platform “SharePoint”. We bring together experts from the SharePoint community and we offer you to bomb us questions. Do you dare to ask what you always wanted to know about SharePoint and have never asked?

Some of the attendee are knowledgeable SharePoint experts, Speakers and MVPs:

  • Gustavo Vélez
  • Juan Carlos González
  • Fabián Imaz
  • Alberto Díaz
  • David Martos
  • Miguel Tabera
  • Mario Cortes
  • Edin Kapic
  • Gerardo Reyes
  • Ricardo Muñoz
  • Juan Manuel Herrera
  • Juan Andrés Valenzuela
  • Haarón González
  • Juan Pablo Pussacq
  • Andrés Rojas
  • Vielka Rojas
  • Adrian Díaz
  • David Sánchez
  • Santiago Porras
  • Marco Antonio Canales

This event brings together people from Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, basically anywhere Hispanic. Thanks for the good vibes.

Is your SharePoint implementation capable to engage with your business people

Just think about it. Is your SharePoint operational state capable enough to support your business enterprise content and information? A SharePoint implementation is more than one server, yes, you can install one server just for testing purposes, not recommended for production. Any software product or solution that your business relies need to be carefully planned and implemented in away to ensure that your business will not be impacted by technical issue or problem that can arise over time specially if you own the hardware and software.

SharePoint has been architected to support high availability and scalability so the business is not impacted with potential hardware or software risks. Make sure your staff knows the implications of an specific server configuration or what we like to call "topology" for your SharePoint implementation.

Yes, it’s expensive, so with your technical staff make sure you explore the implicit costs of owning a server product like this, there are several approaches for using SharePoint this days, third party hosting or the cloud are some examples that can help us with the ROI.

Rolling up SharePoint is not a matter of installing the server infrastructure, also, plan an structure or what we like to call "taxonomy" that represent and fit your business model also is critical and important to ensure that what we present to people make perfect sense.

The following list are some artifacts and configuration settings we also need to plan for:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Content Types
  • Site Columns
  • Term Sets
  • Sub Sites
  • Security Groups
  • Pages
  • Videos
  • Web Parts
  • Site Templates

Interested on understanding more about this concepts? Just join to my session "Introduction to Intranet Planning" next April 12, 2014 during the First Online SharePoint Saturday Gulf event!


Haaron Gonzalez
SharePoint MVP and Lead Solution Architect
Hershey Technologies

Speaking at the First Live SharePoint Saturday Gulf

Next April 12, 2014 I will present a session called “Introduction to Intranet Planning” in the 1th Live SharePoint Saturday Gulf event, this is a remote live session. In this session we will explore what are the different approaches available to define our company Intranet, do you want to use your Intranet to community corporate info to your employees? or just to provide a collaboration tool for departments?, in this session I want to explain the different between communication portal and collaboration team sites and how can we create a connection between to help our users share departmental content without exposing your team site security. There are a lot of sessions about how to install and maintain our SharePoint farm and services but in this one lets explore how to use existing SharePoint services and create an intranet framework that fit our organization communication and collaboration requirements.


Join the conversation and see you there! Register here